Sunday, 17 June 2007

Right people

*All names will be changed ok guys?*

I know I'm not gonna be very good at this but here we go.

I'm 29 and live in the UK in a place called Brighton & Hove, the gay capital of England so I hear, good job I'm gay then hey?!

What will I talk about in this blog I hear you say? Well I will mostly be talking about my rather racy life here, the men, the parties and the extra curricular fun that the south coast of the UK gives me. That might be building it up a little, I am boring sometimes so some posts will be very mundane, but the good ones will be good if I'm any good at writing them...

Let me tell you a bit about my life at the moment

I share a very nice flat in sunny Hove with Sarah (25) and Jake (27)

Sarah is a gay girl and she has a girl friend called Kim (23), they are a lovely couple (sickeningly so at points) sorry if you're reading this guys, luv you !

Jake is a builder and straight thats about as much as I know really.

My proper job is in health care, My other 'job' is as an escort and before you say anything, I know what I'm doing and I don't care if you don't like it! I have been working in health care for about 1o years now and really enjoy it, the escorting is quite new (6 months) and I really enjoy that too (I like lots of SEX, just so you know)

Well thats it for this post ladies and gents, I hope you'll get to know me as I write